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Watch this video and more on RODS Heroes

Up Next in Children 12 and older in Colombia

  • Johan (Part 1)

    Johan is a sweet 12 year old boy who has ADHD, a developmental delay and a cognitive delay. He also has a background of chronic malnutrition. He is a good helper and likes to play soccer. He can be a little bit shy at first but has a sweet and kind personality. Johan would absolutely thrive in a ...

  • Lucas

    Lucas is a unique young man with a gentle spirit and distinctive preferences such as his love for Chinese noodles, a comfort food that brings him joy.

    While sports may not pique his interest, Lucas finds solace and entertainment in listening to music, engaging in board games, and immersing himse...

  • Benjamin

    Say hello to Benjamin, a talented and kind-hearted 5th grader who has a passion for creativity and the arts. Attending a regular school, he finds joy in subjects like art, origami, singing, and dancing, showcasing his artistic flair. Despite not being a fan of sports, he enjoys skateboarding and ...