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Watch this video and more on RODS Heroes

Up Next in Children 12 and older in Colombia

  • Ramiro

    Ramiro is a remarkable and handsome young man who attends regular school in the 6th grade. He is a true dynamo, constantly seeking activities to keep himself engaged and entertained.

    His love for Chinese rice and the color blue reflect his vibrant tastes, but it's his energetic nature that truly...

  • Dilan

    Dilan is a bright and dynamic young man with an incredible zest for life. From sports like soccer and volleyball to the intricacies of origami and the allure of mathematics, Spanish, science, and English, he's a kaleidoscope of passions and talents.

    Dilan's admiration for soccer extends to his f...

  • Adam

    Adam is a delightful young boy with a deep love for soccer and a special admiration for Neymar. On the soccer field, Adam is versatile, excelling as both a goalkeeper and a defender, showcasing his impressive reflexes and teamwork skills.

    Adam excels in school, particularly enjoying his Spanish...