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Watch this video and more on RODS Heroes

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  • Lula

    Introducing Lula, a charming and caring 12-year-old whose warmth and kindness light up every room she enters. Initially reserved, she gradually reveals her endearing and attentive nature over time. Lula's heart beats for dancing, and she embodies the grace and charm of a true princess.

    Her schoo...

  • Lucas

    Lucas is a unique young man with a gentle spirit and distinctive preferences such as his love for Chinese noodles, a comfort food that brings him joy.

    While sports may not pique his interest, Lucas finds solace and entertainment in listening to music, engaging in board games, and immersing himse...

  • Jude

    Meet Jude, a vibrant young soul who has a resilience and zest for life like no other. He attends school and finds joy in Spanish class. While his culinary preferences may lean toward "rice pudding or whatever, but not salad," his interests extend far beyond the kitchen. He dreams of becoming an a...