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Watch this video and more on RODS Heroes

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  • Julio

    Introducing Julio, a vibrant and spirited 5th grader whose love for soccer, particularly playing as a forward, echoes his enthusiasm for life. Beyond the field, he's a skilled helper in the kitchen, showcasing his eagerness to contribute and create.

    Described as easygoing, Julio thrives with str...

  • Dylan

    Meet Dylan, a vibrant and creative soul with a heart full of joy and a knack for creating beautiful things. Alongside his brother Eric, who's at the same home, Dylan brings an infectious energy that lights up any room.

    His passion for art knows no bounds, especially when it comes to crafting int...

  • Celeste Angel

    Meet Celeste, a compassionate and creative young girl who finds joy in caring for animals, particularly cats and dogs. Her dream of becoming a Veterinarian when she grows up is fueled by her deep love for animals, which extends to all creatures.

    Celeste's nurturing nature shines through as she ...