It Matters to One - A Celebration of Down Syndrome

It Matters to One - A Celebration of Down Syndrome

Celebrate world Down syndrome day and those we love with Down syndrome by watching It Matters to One - an event by RODS Heroes. Hear inspiring stories from our amazing speakers. Video will be available to watch on World Down Syndrome Day 3/21/2023! 100% of the proceeds from this production will go directly towards the cause of finding loving homes and families for children with special abilities who are in institutions and foster homes internationally.

The host of this event is Kenny Clutch!
Kenny is a dancer and motivational speaker. More importantly, he’s a dedicated father to his son Kristian, who has Down syndrome and is a cancer survivor. The idea to dance with his son first popped up in Kenny's head when he was thinking about ways to make the chemotherapy process easier for Kristian.

Our first speaker is Lisa Eicher!
Lisa is a Mom. Writer. Photographer. Ninja Warrior. Homeschooler. Assistant everything. Lover of all things peculiar. Enjoys spending time with her kids almost as much as she enjoys hiding from them. Lisa adopted two children with Down syndrome from Bulgaria.
Sevy was adopted when she was 13 and has since become a gifted artist (Sevy Art). Sevy's art has been featured on the Magnolia Network
Archie was adopted when he was seven. He is an aspiring model and has done work with GAP Inc.

The second speaker is Brady Murray.
Brady is the founder of RODS Heroes. His journey with the Down syndrome community began in 2007, when their son was born with Down syndrome. He quickly realized that what he thought would be one of their family's greatest challenges would actually be one of their greatest blessings.
Brady is a father to 7 beautiful children, 2 with an extra chromosome and added superpowers. Brady walks us through their life and along the way demonstrates the power of following your heart and the blessings it brings when you lose yourself in a cause.

Our final speaker is Tim Harris!
Tim is the founder of Tim's Place and Tim's Big Heart Enterprises. In October of 2010, Tim opened his own restaurant called Tim’s Place – in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the items on the menu was free hugs (given by Tim). Tim is the first person with Down syndrome to own his own restaurant.
Tim’s story has inspired people around the world. He has been featured in People Magazine, on CBS Evening News and CBS Sunday Morning, America Online, ABC News, NBC Today Show, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio and CNN.

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It Matters to One - A Celebration of Down Syndrome

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